Houston Texans looking to use Braxton Miller in a multidimensional role Last season,Rob Gronkowski Jersey, the wide receiver focus for the Houston Texans was on DeAndre Hopkins.Ben Roethlisberger Jersey. He would continually be asked to do the job of two,Cam Newton Jersey, even three receivers on offense because the Texans didn't have many other options.Pierre Garcon Jersey. Jaelen Strong wasn't the same receiver as he was in college and Nate Washington can only do so much,Calvin Johnson Jersey, so the burden was on Hopkins.Andrew Luck Jersey. This offseason,Tom Brady Jersey, a huge goal of the Texans has been to get Hopkins help,Colin Kaepernick Jersey, by bringing in a number of other receivers.Kelvin Benjamin Jersey. They drafted Will Fuller in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft but quite possibly one of the most interesting decisions was drafting Braxton Miller 85th overall.Dick Butkus Jersey. Fuller is likely to be a deep option due to his speed while Hopkins is a versatile receiver who can do it all. Miller, who is now fully transitioning into a receiver, can create some serious match up problems for the Texans on offense, either as a slot receiver and a potential mid-range target. Moving from being a quarterback can lead to criticism and opinions such as the move being nothing more than a gimmick